JAIRO is an abbreviation of Japanese Institutional Repositories Online.

JAIRO is a succeeding service of JuNii+ (test version) (Japanese) in which academic information (journal articles, theses or dissertations, departmental bulletin papers, research papers, etc.) accumulated in Japanese institutional repositories* can be searched for cross-sectionally.
The National Institute of Informatics (NII) collects metadata of institutional repositories, according to an application from the person in charge of the management of the institutional repository of each institution.
As of October 2008, JAIRO allows about 540,000 contents in 84 institutional repositories to be searched for.
(For the latest information, see the top right of the search screen, etc.)

For the number of accesses to JAIRO, see JAIRO Usage Statistics.
For detailed information on Japanese institutional repositories and statistical analysis information on their contents, see NII Institutional Repositories DataBase Contents Analysis System.

* Institutional Repository: An electronic archive system installed for research institutions, such as universities, to collect, accumulate, and store their intellectual products in an electronic form and disclose them for free
In order to strengthen the formation, securement, and information transmission of academic contents, NII, in close cooperation with academic institutions, such as universities, assists formulation of institutional repositories in universities, etc. and cooperation among them, as part of CSI (Cyber Science Infrastructure) (Japanese) promotion. For details, see the website of NII Institutional Repositories Program.

JAIRO is completely free of charge.

However, JAIRO is linked to other services within NII.
Through following the links to CiNii, you may come across some contents subject to fees.

JAIRO is linked to each institutional repository.
While the contents within each institutional repository are free, there may be links to contents subject to fees such as electronic journals.

System Requirements

The following browsers are recommended.

  • Windows
    • Internet Explorer 7/8/9/10
    • Firefox 15
    • Safari 5
    • Google Chrome 21
  • Mac OS
    • Safari 5
    • Firefox 15

To the Institutional Repository Managers

At JAIRO, on pages such as the list of search results and detailed information, the logo image of each institutional repository is displayed. (Default is “No Image”)
If you would like your logo image to be displayed on JAIRO pages, please send it as an attachment to the e-mail address below.
The logo image will be displayed in NII Institutional Repositories DataBase Contents Analysis System as well.

Subject: Logo image of institutional repository
Address: Library Liaison Team, Scholarly and Academic Information Division Cyber Science Infrastructure Development Department National Institute of Informatics
E-Mail: ir@nii.ac.jp
Recommended size for logo image: 68px(w) x 19px(h)

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