Departmental Bulletin Paper Effects of an interactive simulation material for clinical dentistry on knowledge acquisition and memory retention in dental residents

保母, 宏基  ,  則武, 加奈子  ,  須永, 昌代  ,  三好, 智絵  ,  曹, 日丹  ,  新田, 浩  ,  樺沢, 勇司  ,  木下, 淳博

With the development of technology, the knowledge and skills needed to become a dentist are increasing. Computer-assisted simulation learning materials have been utilized for dental education because of their high efficiency and efficacy. However, it is not well understood which material design is strongly associated with an education effect. We therefore investigated the effects of interactivity with learning materials on learners’ knowledge acquisition, memory retention, and anxiety reduction. Learning effects and degree of anxiety were compared between dental residents who learned using an interactive-type material, which required decision making and provided feedback (Group I, n=26), and those who learned using a display-type material, which merely displayed the appropriate action on a computer screen (Group D, n=23). Quiz scores immediately after learning and 3 weeks later were significantly higher in Group I than those in Group D (p<0.001 and 0.016, respectively). Regarding anxiety, state anxiety after learning with interactive material was significantly decreased in Group I (p<0.05), whereas no significant change was observed in Group D. Our results suggest that interactivity with computerassisted simulation materials is more effective for knowledge acquisition, memory retention, and anxiety reduction.

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