Departmental Bulletin Paper 図画工作や保育内容(表現)の指導法におけるアクティブラーニングの一手法としてのICT機器を活用した製作品の発表についての考察-教材提示装置を使用した紙芝居の発表についてのアンケート結果から-

山本, 斉

49pp.14 - 24 , 2018-03-31 , 松山東雲短期大学研究論集委員会
The writer leaves a record with a digital camera and a movie about the announcement of drawing and manual art and workmanship and the performance of childcare contents (expression) until now. They are shown as the teaching materials for a person of study of the next fiscal year. However, of the ICT apparatus to utilize the digital archive as the teaching materials all at once the の use of the class is passive for a person of study. Active individual activity is necessary to observe the details of a process and the performance of the production analytically. Therefore I save data to the PC of the public laboratory and consider an option individually to read it. In drawing and manual art II this year, I announced it with the production of the picture-story show of the onomatopoeia by the group work. I used the teaching materials presentation device which was one kind of the ICT apparatus for announcement. I explained it in use, but left you as explanation of basic usage because the announcement method of the picture-story show accorded with the expression every group. It is consideration to arrive at independent, interactive deep learning. After announcement, I took the questionnaire about the announcement using the ICT apparatus and considered it after analysis. I am going to continue the performance announcement that utilized an ICT apparatus in future.

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