Departmental Bulletin Paper 100円朝食の実施についての調査報告と その意義についての考察 -2016年度の試し営業と2017年度4-5月の分析結果より-

山本, 斉

48pp.173 - 193 , 2018-01-31 , 松山東雲短期大学研究論集委員会
In the student support department, I began enforcement in April for 100 yen breakfast. The object wants to be specialized in only a student. The new pupil may say the time when I cannot adapt myself that is enough for new environment, and there are particularly many mental and physical students losing the balance. The month with much ridership of a counseling room and the health room is really April. I want the uneasiness in the aspect of living to dissolve with a little by using the cheap, delicious 100 yen breakfast which a student expects by the collaboration with the consumers' cooperative. In addition, I want to plan stability of the study will by cutting a new start smoothly.

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