Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育内容健康領域における保育者効力感の検討

市河, 勉*  ,  新戸, 信之**  ,  三浦, 累美*  ,  三宅, 孝昭***

48pp.162 - 172 , 2018-01-31 , 松山東雲短期大学研究論集委員会
Childcare description the characteristics of the childcare person’s self-efficacy, in particular, about the improvement of the qualities of nursery teachers from the field of “health” were clarified. For kindergarten teachers, the importance of acquiring experience became clear. Improving early termination leads to quality improvement of childcare itself, quality assurance. As for students majoring in nursing care, experiencing kindergarten practice reduces the sense of self-efficacy, indicating that a careful follow-up at this time is necessary for the future of the students and employment.

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