Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育内容健康領域からみた保育中の身体活動について -活動レベルの検討-

新戸, 信之*  ,  市河, 勉**  ,  三浦, 累美**  ,  三宅, 孝昭

48pp.151 - 161 , 2018-01-31 , 松山東雲短期大学研究論集委員会
The purpose of this study is to examine physical activity level from the viewpoint of the childcare content “health”. In this method, the heart rate of 6 preschoolers was measured during childcare. As a result, the following points were clarified. The average heart rate of children during the childcare was 103.2 beats/ min in indoor activities, 139.2 beats/min in outdoor activities, and the outdoor activity level was higher than the activity level in the room indoors. Activity with strong exercise intensity over 160 beats/minute was continuous jump rope. Also, tags and chasing, ball play, rope playing, balance balls were moderate exercise intensity. Jump rope turned out to be effective for children’s healthy development. Also, tags and chasing, ball play was also effective. However, for that purpose, it was thought that the setting of the nursery school environment and how to interact with nurseries is important.

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