Departmental Bulletin Paper 制作活動が育む「幼児期の終わりまでに 育ってほしい姿」-「認定子ども園 星岡」における幼児の造形活動の記録から-

増本, 達彦

26pp.31 - 48 , 2018-01-31 , 松山東雲女子大学人文科学部紀要委員会
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology established new viewpoints on the importance of the connection between early childhood education and elementary school education, with focus on 10 goals that children should achieve by the end of childhood. While maintaining ways to evaluate the goodness and possibilities of each young child, the new guidelines integrate all subjects (including music, art (picture drawing), home economics, etc.) into one framework. However, these different subjects and are diverse in nature and require different skills. Thus, infants and young children experience them differently. It is most important to keep in mind the infants’ own motivation to do arts and crafts projects. A focus on production alone can be counterproductive. However, production activities that give infants actual experience may support the children’s growth and fully satisfy many of the newly presented 10 goals. This paper examines the potential that preschool children can acquire through creative activities in nursery school.

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