Departmental Bulletin Paper ものづくりを支援するツールとしてのプログラミング言語の比較検討
Comparison of Programing Language as a Tool to Support Making Things

秋本, 結衣

Programming has been attracting attention in education recently. Programming is also useful as a tool to experience the pleasure of making things that is to create something, thinking and sense of accomplishment, because we can freely realize our thoughts on a computer. In this study, we compared the features of the visual programming language and those of the text-based programming language paying special attention to their functions of a tool to raise the intellectual curiosity to make things in the education of programming in higher education. Visual Programming language is very useful as an introduction of the programming learning because we can create a simple game and an animation without the knowledge of programming skill. However, the text-based programming language can be better than the visual programming language in the degree of freedom, feasibility and development to realize our hopes and dreams freely.

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