Departmental Bulletin Paper 学生の本学図書館利用状況調査 ─情報活用能力向上のための図書館活用に向けて─
Survey of Mejiro University Library usage ─Improving information utilization abilities ─

古山, 真里奈

Directly supporting student's studies and actively participating in classes are two of the most important roles of university libraries. This paper examines the relation between the Mejiro Gakuen Educational Foundation Library (Mejiro University Library) and Mejiro University classes. Results from web questionnaires administered to students and the inferences drawn on observing students at the library indicated that, at present, Mejiro University Library is not sufficiently active in participating in classes. Furthermore, the examʼs results showed that Mejiro University students are difficult to set a theme. Thus, the present paper suggests that university classes need to use the library more effectively to improve their information utilization abilities.

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