Departmental Bulletin Paper 物語られた都市経験 ─映像制作実践「メディアコンテ秋葉原」作品の分析を通して─
Narratives of Urban Experience ─An Analysis of Digital Stories Generated in Akihabara─

溝尻, 真也

This Paper aims to examine how audiophiles have experienced Akihabara analyzing the digital stories created by participants of digital storytelling workshop. In the past, a number of people had come to Akihabara in order to get erectrical parts. But now, this city has become the center of Japanese otaku culture. In 2012, a digital storytelling workshop was conducted in Akihabara and seven audiophiles created their digital stories with facilitators. The participants narrated their personal experiences in Akihabara and feelings for the transformation of this city. On the other hand, these digital stories expressed how they enjoy this place with innumerable materials even now. Their narratives and images indicate a connection between their urban experiences and materials.

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