Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本人の自然観と環境問題報道 ─新たなメディアフレームの提言に向けて─
Japanese View of Nature and the Media Coverage of Environmental Issues ─A Proposal for Media Frame for Environmental Issues in Japan─

川端, 美樹

The purpose of this paper is to discuss about media frame for environmental issues, especially in Japanese news media. Environmental issues are very important agenda in our society and mass media play an important role for the construction of environmental issues and problems. In this paper, firstly the author discussed about media frame, both in general and for environmental issues. Secondly, with the data of existing research, Japanese view of nature and environment are discussed with comparing to other countries such as Western or Asian nations. To conclude, media frame for environmental issues in Japan was discussed with those results and new media frame was proposed for future research.

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