Departmental Bulletin Paper クレーム場面における行動傾向と個人特性(2) ─社会人の場合─
Behavior and personal traits in complaints situations( 2) ─In the case of working adults ─

田中, 泰恵  ,  澤口, 右京  ,  渋谷, 昌三

The purpose of the study was to develop teaching materials related to complaints, for the purpose of consumer education of working adults. In this study, correlations between behaviors and personality traits, including aggressiveness, logicality, and communication skills were examined in five types of complaining situations. Findings indicated people making polite complaints were highly logical and had excellent communication skills. On the other hand, individuals who did not make complaints respectfully tended to feel others were hostile toward them. Different from the results of previous studies on university students, this study indicated that highly logical people with good communication skills sometimes did not make complaints.

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