Departmental Bulletin Paper 動作パターンからみた5歳児の着脱の特徴
Movement Patterns of Putting on and Taking off in 5-year-old

高橋, 美登梨

The purpose of this study is to investigate the characteristics of movement patterns of the putting on and taking off of the clothes. The subjects were 56 infants of the 5-year-old kindergarten.The results are as follows;(1) The movements of taking off pull-over style knitted exercise uniforms could be classified into three patterns. About 80% of the subjects took off it, starting to remove the arm.(2) The movement patterns of some infants were different from adults when fasten the buttons on the blouse. The subject who had a long required time for buttoning needed time to hand the button from the right hand to the left hand. Fastening the buttons of the waistline, more than half subjects confirmed the position of the buttonhole and the button with eyes.(3) About 70% took off and about a half put on the half-pants with a standing position.

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