Departmental Bulletin Paper 学校教育における和楽器専門ゲストティーチャーの現状と課題
Current Issues and Future Tasks in Teaching Traditional Japanese Instruments for Guest Lecturers

小林, 恭子  ,  武藤, 宏司

The purpose of this study was to clarify the current issues and future tasks for guest lecturers that teach traditional Japanese instrument at school education. Questionnaire survey was carried out to target the 5 performers who make the guidance of the Koto as a guest lecturer at the school. After analyzing the results, two point problems revealed: the difference of views on Japanese instruments guidance between the school and the performers', the need for development of teaching materials with novelty. Future tasks are to place a new curriculum for the Japanese instruments learning in school education from the performer's side, not only the school and the performer's cooperation and collaboration.

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