Departmental Bulletin Paper 高齢者と動物との絆について:高齢者の居住空間における動物共生社会の構築に向けて ─高齢者施設の動物介在活動に対する介護職員の意識変容プロセス─
About the bonds of elderly people and animals; For construction of the symbiosis society with the animal in elderly people's habitation space ─ Consciousness transformation process of the care staff for the animal-mediated activity of elderly people's facilities ─

越智, 裕子

This research examined the alteration of consciousness in the measure process towards the welfare of moving-in elderly people and a companion animal in special elderly nursing home for the care personnel who offer the moving-in floor permanent residence type animal assisted activity. The investigation candidate carried out the half-structure individual interview for two weeks to 13 men and women actually specializing in a floor from the beginning of July, 2016 (Heisei 28), and conducted data analysis to them using M-GTA. As a result, the process of the care personnelʼs alteration of consciousness was divided into 2 terms. The first term is an “animal assisted activity participating introductory period”, and consists of five categories, 12 subcategories, and 31 concepts. In the precondition which affects continuation of an animal assisted activity, there were the care personnelʼs individual “1.various experiences about a companion animal and concern”, “2.the various care views about an elderly-people care and experience” which were backed by experience, the existence of “3. the concern by the knowledge and experience to an animal assisted activity or animal assisted therapy”, and “5. fluctuation of a feeling to a daily care” to becoming the charge. In the necessary condition, there was “4. intention to the opportunity of place-of-work selection and participation of an animal assisted activity” of the care personnel and the management subject. The second term is “continuation terms for an animal assisted activity”, and consists of three categories, eight subcategories, and 21 concepts.The care personnel experience “7. the consciousness-ized process of bonds with an institution animal”, and consequently “8. selfgrowth” is possible for them as a person and a professional for that purpose “6. difficulty gets over” became an indispensable condition and there was the recurrence relation of “7” and “8.” For the care personnelʼs active animal assisted activity, viewpoint which catch in a process was required.

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