Departmental Bulletin Paper 精神障害者の地域生活を支える相談支援についての一考察 ─相談支援専門員へのインタビュー調査から─
A Case Study about the Consultation Support Services for people with Mental Disabilities who are living in a Community ─From an Interview with a Psychiatric Social Worker ─

鬼塚, 香

This is a case study about a psychiatric social worker's methods of supporting clients with mental disabilities who return to live in a community. I interviewed a psychiatric social worker in September of 2015. In an analysis of the interview, I found two main ways that the social worker supported the clients. First, repeated hospitalizations of the clients interrupted and affected their ties with the local community, so the social worker tried to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, and assisted the clients to find purpose in a life worth living in the community. Second, the social worker helped the clients by using 3 social resource services: formal, informal and a formless social resource service. Formless social resource services were the most effective, especially for clients with mental disabilities. The social worker used this method to connect the clients with each community by interacting with the clients directly, in a professional social worker to client relationship, before connecting them to each community. The formless method was very important and qualified as the “basic consultation support” stipulated by law.

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