Departmental Bulletin Paper 精神障害者小規模作業所を存続させる意義と精神医学ソーシャルワーカーの専門性の関連についての考察 ─ NPO 法人 地域生活を支援する会「ひびき」の実践例から─
A Study About The Relation Between Continuation Sheltered Work Place for the People with Mental Disorder Not Enforced by Regulation and Professionalism of Psychiatric Social Workers ─A Case Study of NPO for Support Daily Life in the Community ‘HIBIKI’ in Chiba City─

井上, 牧子

Before 2006, more than 1700 sheltered work places for people with mental disorders, which were not enforced by law, operated in Japan. After 2012 April, these sheltered work places were required to shift to institutions enforced by regulation, because of Handicapped person independence support law. Even after 2012 April, NPO for Support Daily Life in the Community ‘HIBIKI’ in Chiba city continues to work without being enforced by regulation.The purpose of this study was to research the effect of continuing sheltered work places for people with mental disorders without being enforced by regulation and the relation of the professionalism of Psychiatric social workers who get involved with HIBIKI's practices.This study was conducted in 2015 using interviews with two psychiatric social workers of HIBIKI. As a result of qualitative analysis, they consider that this administrative shift negatively influences institution's practices by enforced by regulation. They evaluated that the new administrative system is decreasing the quality of life of people with mental disorders. They consider that the new system is an economical issue and doesn't support the whole person. Continuing sheltered work places for people with mental disorders which are not enforced by regulation is crucial for the well-being of the clients.This study described HIBIKI's social workers as having enough competence and critical perspective for political determination against. They stress the importance of the accumulation of regular social worker's practices and a high priority in the role as a professional social worker.

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