Departmental Bulletin Paper HOPEによる超設計とその一貫教育
Hyper Design by HOPE and Its Consistent Education

高橋, 武則

(15)  , pp.59 - 93 , 2017-03-31 , 目白大学
The hyper structure function is the function in which the coefficient part of the function about a certain variable (hyper factor) becomes the function of other variables (design factors). The design based on the hyper structure function is a hyper design. The design methodology for the hyper design is developed by Takahashi, and it is called as HOPE. In the design procedure of HOPE, the structure of function is decided by the hyper factor at first, and then a concrete function is decided with a design factor based on experiment data. This paper clarifies the mathematical structure of this method first and then discusses its simulated coherent practice education which covers programs from design to mass production. There are an actual type education and a virtual type education in it. The latter is discussed precisely in this paper.

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