Departmental Bulletin Paper 成長期の中小企業における人事施策設計のアプローチ
An Approach to the Design of Personnel Measures in Growing Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

川﨑, 昌  ,  高橋, 武則

(15)  , pp.47 - 57 , 2017-03-31 , 目白大学
Growing small and medium-sized enterprises( SMEs) generally tend to face organizational challenges and lack human resources of precious management resources. To solve these challenges, companies adopt the implementation of personnel measures. However, compared to large enterprises, there have been few examples of the personnel measures being implemented in SMEs. As a result, corporate managers and personnel managers typically end up with selecting and deciding on personnel measures which could possibly achieve a certain effect for their company at their own discretion and intuition. Therefore, this paper discusses the statistical approach to the design of measures to support corporate management decision-making, taking into consideration that such personnel measures are to be utilized for achieving organizational objectives.The principal aim of this study is to understand the actual situations and challenges for personnel measures in growing SMEs in order to propose a more concrete approach and methodology to the formulation of such measures. Furthermore, this study shows a hierarchical classification of corporate organizations, reliability and validity of the methodology, and some considerations for proposing appropriate measures consistent with the actual situation of the organization, on the assumption that the design of personnel measures targeted at growing SMEs.

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