Departmental Bulletin Paper Parameter Design of Film Forming Process to Control Spatial Distribution of Film Thickness

三井, 正

(15)  , pp.35 - 46 , 2017-03-31 , 目白大学
I n the ma nufacturing process of a ny mecha nical parts with spatially varied characteristics, controlling a characteristics distribution is important depending on its intended use. In the electroplating process, it is desirable to form a thin film with different thickness on different local positions on the base material. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve a specific profile of film thickness distribution. Although the conventional robust parameter design have been used to make a uniform film, it is difficult to design a custom profile of film thickness distribution under various constraints. Considering this situation, we propose a parameter design method to control a spatial distribution in a custom profile with a parameter design. Three regression parameters corresponding to feature quantities of a distribution are designed as multi-objects. The effect of the method will be verified for an electric plating process as a case study. Also an application to control the profile based on this approach will be introduced.

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