Departmental Bulletin Paper 統計解析に基づく加工工程の総合的最適化
Total Optimization of the Manufacturing Process Based on Statistical Analysis

小川, 昭  ,  高橋, 武則

(15)  , pp.17 - 34 , 2017-03-31 , 目白大学
We always need to satisfy the quality, cost and delivery in the manufacturing process. Therefore it is important to clear the relationship between cause and effect of the process using proper data analysis and make agreement between the stakeholders. In particular, we think strategic factors we defined in this research are important for both technical and management and these factors play an important role to get agreement with the stakeholder. One of our research features is the method using strategic factors effectively in the statistical data analysis and mathematical programing to get optimal solutions. In this research, we did designed experiment, analyzed the data of grinding with ultrasonic vibration, made the statistical model of the process and got the equation to optimize the system under the consistent of many condition. The other feature is using replica method for small glass holes and non-contact measuring system to get precise data without direct measurement using sensing needle. Through this approach, we will discuss the total optimization of the system.

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