Departmental Bulletin Paper 心理臨床におけるノンバーバル・コミュニケーションに関する研究動向
A review of the studies on non-verbal communication in psychotherapy and counseling

青柳, 宏亮  ,  沢崎, 達夫

(13)  , pp.23 - 34 , 2017-03-31 , 目白大学
It is generally acknowledged that nonverbal-communication plays an important role in psychotherapy and counseling. This article reviews non-verbal communication studies in terms of psychotherapy and counseling. Empirical studies can be categorized into two groups according to their orientation; one is “reductionism approach”, to focus on each of the elements that make up the non-verbal communication between a therapist and a client, to examine each of the impact. The other is “approach to study the interaction”, in which nonverbal interaction are considered as an unit of analysis. Empirical studies in both orientations are reviewed. Finding from these studies are discussed in relation to the concepts derived from descriptive studies of non-verbal communications.

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