Departmental Bulletin Paper 表情刺激の認知的評価がドットプローブ課題に及ぼす影響 ─自己評定式社交不安尺度との関連において─
The effect of cognitive appraisal of facial expressions on dot-probe detection task: Relationship with self-rating social anxiety scale

笹川, 智子

(13)  , pp.11 - 21 , 2017-03-31 , 目白大学
The purpose of the present study was to examine the effect of cognitive appraisal of facial expressions on the dot-probe detection paradigm. A total of 440 undergraduate students responded to a questionnaire package measuring social anxiety and depressive symptoms, completed a dot-probe detection task consisting of negative and neutral faces, and subsequently rated the negativity of each facial expression they were presented with. Correlational analyses showed no significant relationship between facial ratings and attentional bias. However, subjective rating of depressive symptom was correlated with negative evaluation of neutral faces, and subjective rating of social anxiety symptom was correlated with negative evaluation of faces showing disgust. The results of the present study supported the validity of the facial expressions used in the dot-probe task. The present study provide basis towards the establishment of an attentional modification program for high socially anxious individuals.

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