Departmental Bulletin Paper 「楕円彩色法(Oval Colorization Method : OCM)」の有効性検討の試み -描画体験評価尺度と気持ち・感情および思考の表現と伝達に関する尺度を用いた統制群との比較-
A study on effectiveness of the newly developed drawing method called "Oval Colorization Method:OCM" -A quantative study using scales of expression, feelings and thought to compare experimental group with control group-

本間, なぎさ  ,  森, 和代  ,  Nagisa, HOMMA  ,  Kazuyo, MORI  ,  神奈川県警察少年育成課  ,  桜美林大学心理・教育学系  ,  Kanagawa Prefectural Police Juvenile Support Division  ,  J. F. Oberlin University, Division of Psychology and Education Studies


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