Departmental Bulletin Paper 貯蔵性の良い短節間性カボチャ新品種「ジェジェJ」の育成とその特性

杉山, 慶太  ,  嘉見, 大助  ,  室, 崇人  ,  渡邉, 春彦  ,  勝又, 雅彦

(206)  , pp.1 - 19 , 2017-09-08 , 国立研究開発法人 農業・食品産業技術総合研究機構 , National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO)
‘JeJeJ’ (registered on February 4, 2015) is a new squash cultivar (Cucurbita maxima Duchesne ex Lam.) with the dual advantage of possessing short internodes and maintaining high quality fruit after long storage. It was bred as an F1 cultivar by a cross between the lines ‘Hokkai 6’ and ‘LOH’, which were developed at Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center, NARO and Watanabe seed Co. Ltd., respectively. The major characteristics of ‘JeJeJ’ are as follows:1. The main stem has short internodes from lower to upper parts of the stem in the early growth stage, and the plant is of bushy type. During the plant’s development, the main stem gradually lengthens. There are a few lateral shoots.2. The flowering time is early; however, the timing of female flowers is slightly later than that of ‘Ebisu’. Fruit-set occurs in the lower nodes. 3. The fruit is flat shaped and weighs about 2 kg. On the rind surface, there are stripes of green and shallow grooves. The levels of thickness of fruit flesh and rind hardness are moderate. The fruit yield is high.4. The rate of rotting of fruit up to two months after storage is low, but it increases thereafter. After three months of storage of fruit,the fruit rind color is maintained green with low fading, whereas the flesh color increases in redness and turns into yellow or orange-yellow. The dry-matter content of the flesh is high and the flesh texture, like a chestnut (powdery), is maintained. The sugar content (Brix) remains high. Thus, the fruit quality after storage is also superior.5. The plant is not resistant to powdery mildew and the leaves around the base tend to die down early.
「ジェジェJ」は,北農研育成の短節間品種「北海6号」と渡辺採種場開発の「LOH」とのF1品種(セイヨウカボチャ)で,2015年2月4日に品種登録(第23817号)された。「ジェジェJ」の特性は,以下の通りである。1.生育初期において主枝(つる)は節間が詰まり,短節間性を示す。生育中期以降は徐々に節間が伸長してつる性となる。側枝の発生数は少ない。2.開花時期は早いが,雌花の開花は「えびす」よりやや遅い。果実は株元近くに着生する。3.果形は扁円形で,果実重量は2 kg程度である。収穫直後の果皮の地色は濃緑で緑色のすじの模様がある。果肉の厚さと果皮の硬さは中程度である。収量性は高い。4.貯蔵2ヶ月後までの腐敗果率は低いが,その後増加する。貯蔵3ヶ月後における果皮色は緑色で色褪せ程度は低く,果肉色は赤味が強まり橙黄~橙になる。肉質は乾物率が高く粉質感が維持されており,Brixは高い。以上のように,貯蔵後においても品質は優れている。5.うどんこ病に対する抵抗性はなく,株元の茎葉の枯れ上がりは早い傾向にある。

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