Departmental Bulletin Paper Elementary Crossword Puzzles for Liberal Arts Students

鈴木, 哲

This paper is to present the twelve elementary crossword puzzles that the author has created for liberal arts student, following the ten thematic crosswords, posted in this Journal of the School of liberal Arts (JSLA), Volume 6, 2014, by the School of Liberal Arts, Ohkagakuen University. Some of the previous thematic crosswords related to the courses of management, marketing, and global business classes were presented to the students of each course that the author teaches, as their assignments, for making them familiarized with learner’s monolingual dictionaries, building their useful vocabulary, and better understanding the materials. Responding representative comments “The puzzle was too difficult, but I was happy when I came up with answers,” the author has created easier version (but does not follow that is easier to construct) of Crossword Puzzles for them. Allow the author to frequently use words related to the campus, such as Ohkagakuen or cherry blossoms, in view of the fact that they were intended to author’s students on campus.

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