Departmental Bulletin Paper 海外の日本語学習者に日本文化をどう教えるかーアクティブラーニングを取り入れた授業の試みー

高嵜, 幸子  ,  都, 恩珍

This study is a practice report of the cultural classes conducted for overseas students of the Japanese language through the active learning method. In recent years, the importance of cultural education has been emphasized in the Japanese language education. Along with that, not only in Japan but also overseas, it aimed to shift from unilateral teaching method to active learning method. In this paper, we attempted to devise cultural classes where students were able to actively. The target students selected for this study were students in the Department of Japanese Language in Bali, Indonesia. Because Indonesia is known to have many Japanese language learners in the world and they have a high interest in Japanese culture. The classes adopted five themes: country introduction, language, seasons and annual events, cities, and culture. These classes were devised according to five principles: participation and interaction, creation of thoughts through the comparison of Japan with the students’ home country, shift the focus of students’ to their environment, alternation of group activities and teacher lectures and the creation of further opportunities that enable students to express themselves in Japanese. As a result, the majority of the students were able to increase their output in Japanese. And the students’ attitudes toward classes changed actively. Furthermore, students were able to express their opinions about their culture in Japanese. Of course, the curiosity of the students` Japanese culture became more vigorous. I believe these practical classes are beneficial for the training of local non-native speaker teachers.

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