Departmental Bulletin Paper Authentic Reading on Business News Articles

鈴木, 哲

This paper is to show some reading assignments on business news articles to demonstrate what reading means. In this paper, three news articles are accompanied by content questions, requiring critical thinking where reasoning and logic are tested. The three are Legoland to open in Japan (Rankin, J., 2014, June 30) in The Guardian, McDonald's loss widens rift with franchise owners (Kono, N., and Kana, S., 2014, October 25) in Nikkei Business, and Fast Retailing's group net profit halves on strong yen (Kyodo News, 2016, October 13). The first two were treated in classes, while the third was created for applicants of overseas assignments at the author’s workplace, and have some Japanese TOEIC instructors, off campus, experienced. The three are not for marking the multiple-choice, but for writing.

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