Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本の漫画作品に描かれた考古学者( 3 ) : 1990年代
Images of Archaeologist in Japanese Comics (3) : The 1990s

櫻井, 準也  ,  Junya, SAKURAI  ,  尚美学園大学総合政策学部  ,  Shobi University

The archaeologist appeared in Japanese comics which are one of the contemporary popular cultures at many works. In 1990s, the number of works further increases and the genre is also various. Moreover, it is also the features of Japanese comics of the 1990s that the youth comics of the long-term series in which many archaeological sites and archaeologists appear, and that the number of the girls’ comics in which an archaeologist appears increases. Furthermore, while the middle-aged male of Safari look like before existed in the archaeologist character of this time, many characters similar to an actual archaeologist came to be seen. This distinction has followed the tendency of the archaeologist character of the second half of the 1980s, and can consider the works based on the research of archaeological site spot, and elaboration of character expression, and also archaeologist has recognized in Japan as that background.

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