Departmental Bulletin Paper 正義の概念について : 西洋哲学を中心にして
A Concept of Justice : Based on Western Philosophy

高田, 順三  ,  Junzou, TAKADA  ,  尚美学園大学大学院総合政策研究科  ,  Shobi University

24pp.49 - 82 , 2017-06-30 , 尚美学園大学総合政策学部総合政策学会
In this paper, which is written about justice, fairness, goodness, from ancient times, Nicomachean Ethics written by the Greek philosopher Aristoteles, to A Theory of Justice written by the late Harvard professor John Rawls in U.S., with other notable philosophers - St. Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Ferdinand Tönnies and Gustav Radbruch etc.,in Western culture and civilization.The most fundamental principle of justice-one that has been widely accepted since it was first defined by Aristotles more than two thousand years ago. It is the principle that equals should be treated equally. This principle is described as below: individuals should be treated the same, unless they differ in ways that are relevant to the situation in which they are involved.Recently, We have global issues, to think of justice and fairness around the world in a very unstable condition due to the shock of UK exit from EU and Syria’s civil wars.We generally hold that it is sometimes unjust and unfair to give individuals special treatment on the basis of globalization gap,domestic-oriented or religious preferences, under borderless with the rise of the Internet etc.We are going to pay attention to that world affairs which are, UK to make a decision to leave EU, the principle of own country of the best cards (or principle of equality for citizens and non-citizens) of President D. Trump. Are affirmative activities justice and fairness?

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