Departmental Bulletin Paper 棋譜データの統計解析に基づく勝敗判別手順と感想戦解説方法の提案
A procedure of statistical discriminant analysis of winner of shogi games and a method for illustrating shogi games

華山, 宣胤  ,  野上, 竜一  ,  鷲津, 昂大  ,  Nobutane, HANAYAMA  ,  Ryuichi, NOGAMI  ,  Akihiro, WASHITSU  ,  尚美学園大学芸術情報学部情報表現学科  ,  尚美学園大学芸術情報学部情報表現学科  ,  尚美学園大学芸術情報学部情報表現学科学生

26pp.29 - 38 , 2017-03-31 , 尚美学園大学芸術情報学部 , 尚美学園大学大学院芸術情報研究科
Record of a game of shogi (Japanese chess) is special format of time series data. Because of its complexity, it is not easy for amateur or non-players of shogi to grasp or understand overall shogi games from it. In this study we suggest averages, variances and skewness of row numbers where pawns are put, and numbers of times gold and silver generals and nights moved as indices indicating features of phases of shogi game, and emphasize the usability of them by showing a result of discriminant analysis for winner of shogi game based on actual data for them. Meanwhile, in the recent study of shogi game, aspects of entertainment is received more attention rather than development of computer software to defeat human. So a method and a software for illustrating which player is advancing on every stage and decisive stage of games is suggested.

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