Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学体育実技における 『達成』に関する研究 : 陸上競技を手がかりとして(2011-2016年)
A Study on “Achievements” in University Physical Education Practices: Taking Athletics as the Key (2011-2016)

梶, 孝之  ,  Takayuki, KAJI  ,  尚美学園大学総合政策学部

This study is an attempt to examine the practice of scientific training and changes in students’ attitudes from an analysis of an athletics course.Nowadays, a major challenge in the educational field of university physical education is increasing the motivation for physical education. On the one hand, as the university course on health and physical education is a compulsory course prescribed by the Standards of Establishment until now, it is entrusted to the independent decisions of each university. This trend is due to the fact that the importance and necessity for health and physical education which has been a compulsory course in university education so far,has not been adequately studied. The motivation of this study is to take into consideration these current challenges and make them the target of study.Therefore, this study examines examples of practices in a university course and aims to visually capture changes in students’ attitudes. This paper targets the athletics course that is positioned as a compulsory subject and attempts an analysis of the same.In the 50M measurement conducted in this course, an improvement in records was observed in all the students after mentoring. This can be considered an improvement in records due to mentoring conducted using scientific knowledge of athletics. Further, students’ “achievements” throughout the course were also observed.

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