Departmental Bulletin Paper 入学時の日本語プレイスメントテスト結果から見る留学生の日本語能力の一考察
A study of Japanese Proficiency based on the Results of the Placement Test for Foreign Students at the Time of Enrollment
ニュウガクジ ノ ニホンゴ プレイスメントテスト ケッカ カラ ミル リュウガクセイ ノ ニホンゴ ノウリョク ノ イチ コウサツ

荒, まゆみ  ,  Mayumi, ARA  ,  尚美学園大学総合政策学部

This paper demonstrates two hypothese based on the results of the Japanese PlacementTest for foreign students at the time of enrollment of Shobi University. Then,it compares the chage in achievement between the enrollment test and the test after one year ofstudy. Finelly, it shows the relationship of the scores the Japanese Language ProficiencyTest,level N1 with the university placement scores.

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