Departmental Bulletin Paper インクルーシブな保育に求められる保育者の専門性について : 保育・教職実践演習における取り組み
On Essential Abilities for Inclusive Childhood Education and Care : Observations in a Practical Seminar for the Teaching Profession

熊田, 広樹

The purpose of this study is to investigate what essential abilities are for inclusive childhood care and education by examining students' reactions to a practical seminar for the teaching profession. Students are required to participate in following three assignments. 1)observation and developmental assessment by a visual material, 2)group discussion after role-playing various occupations, 3)a report on a note written by a mother of a child with special developmental need and care. These assignments are analyzed from the point of view of following three abilities, that is, “playing”, “listening(counseling)”, and “coordinating(cooperating)”. It was found that following three points are important. 1)finding out children's whole reactions including inner workings of their mind besides their superficial behavior 2)listening to what parents would like to tell with empathy before advising them on child care 3)knowing other various occupations except childhood education and care appropriately by talking with them, and finding out better supports and care for children and parents. It is necessary for the faculty to cooperate with professions in the field of childhood education and care in order to promote students' these abilities.

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