Departmental Bulletin Paper 軽度知的障がいが疑われた中学生に対する漢字指導の経過
A Report on Therapy of Kanji Writing for the Junior High School Student Suspected Mild Mental Retardation

熊田, 広樹

This study provides a report on speech and language therapy as to Kanji writing for a female junior high school student. She has several congenital diseases such as skeletal dysplasia and hydrocephalus. Furthermore she seems to be suspected to have mild mental retardation. Developmental assessment and the program based on her cognitive patterns are so effective in spite of relatively short term therapy. Ryoiku should be interpreted as long term support and care fo rchildren. Moreover it is essential that Ryoiku needs to respond their“ problems at present” in life. Even if they could not get support and care at the early stage in their life, it seems to be possible for them to feel a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem by therapy step by step based on appropriate developmental assessment.

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