Departmental Bulletin Paper 災害看護実践行動の検討-災害医療経験を持つ医師の語りから-

畑, 吉節未

(11)  , pp.45 - 56 , 2018-03-31 , 神戸常盤大学・神戸常盤大学短期大学部
頻発する災害への備えには適切で効果的な教育・訓練プログラムが不可欠である。本研究は災害看護教育・訓練プログラムの開発の一環として、災害時に看護者とともに医療ケアの提供にあたった医師の語りをもとに、質が高く成果をあげた看護者の実践行動を分析することを目的とする。発災直後から亜急性期までの間の災害看護実践行動について、阪神・淡路大震災以降の被災地で災害医療に携わった医師の語りを収集し質的に分析した。分析枠組みは解釈的アプローチを用いた。結果、【被災者及び入院患者との関係】、【医師及び医療関係者との関係】の2つの大カテゴリーと8つのカテゴリーを得ることができた。被災者-看護者関係及び、医師-看護者関係の実践行動について多様な語りを得ることができた。いずれのカテゴリーも看護の基礎的な理論や援用されている理論により説明することができ、災害看護の特性と課題を考えるために意義深い結果となった。|Appropriate and effective education and training programs are vital in preparation to counter frequently occurring disasters. The aim of this study, conducted in conjunction with the development of a disaster nursing education/training program, was to analyze the actions of nurses who engaged in high-quality, successful practice, through the perspectives of doctors who provided medical care in collaboration with nurses in times of disaster. The narratives of doctors who had been involved in disaster medicine at disaster sites from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake onwards were collected and qualitatively analyzed, focusing on disaster nursing practice from immediately after the disaster to the sub-acute phase. An interpretive approach was used for the analytical framework. The results obtained were placed into 2 major categories of “relations between disaster victims and inpatients” and “relations between doctors and medical staff,” which formed the basis of 8 categories. Rich data were obtained on practice in the areas of victim-nurse relations and doctor-nurse relations. It was possible to explain every category through basic nursing theory and invoked theory, and the results were very significant for consideration of the features and issues of disaster nursing.

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