Departmental Bulletin Paper 教職協働による新たな知の創造 ~セレンディピティの可能性を高めるための工夫~
Knowledge creation through collaboration between academic and administrative faculty: Strategies of raise chance of the serendipity
キョウショク キョウドウ ニ ヨル アラタナ チ ノ ソウゾウ セレンディピティ ノ カノウセイ オ タカメル タメ ノ クフウ

桐村, 豪文  ,  高松, 邦彦  ,  伴仲, 謙欣  ,  野田, 育宏  ,  中田, 康夫  ,  Takafumi, KIRIMURA  ,  Kunihiko, TAKAMATSU  ,  Kenya, BANNAKA  ,  Ikuhiro, NODA  ,  Yasuo, NAKATA  ,  神戸常盤大学教育イノベーション機構  ,  神戸常盤大学教育イノベーション機構  ,  神戸常盤大学事務局研究協力課  ,  神戸常盤大学事務局研究協力課  ,  神戸常盤大学教育イノベーション機構

This paper discusses knowledge creation through collaboration amongst faculty at institutions of learning. Particularly, as a case study and in an effort to improve the management at our own university, we attempted to conceptualize this topic from the perspective of collaboration between academic and administrative faculty. We were able to evaluate the school's management as a whole and developed a system of exercises to determine how management can improve with greater collaboration between academic and administrative faculty. Mutual exchange of knowledge between academic and administrative faculty is hindered by the fixation on boundaries between specialists and nonspecialists, ensuring that knowledge can flow only in one direction. We can nurture an environment that is conducive to knowledge exchange, where for example a facilitator exists to bridge the boundary between the specialist and the nonspecialist. Collaboration in such an environment allows unobstructed flow of knowledge and the creation of new knowledge.

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