Departmental Bulletin Paper 大阪府地衣類資料Ⅱ.枚岡公園(東大阪市)の地衣類相および興味深い5種について

山本, 好和  ,  高萩, 敏和  ,  河合, 正人  ,  川上, 寛子

Lichen flora of the Hiraoka Park( Higashiosaka City) was investigated. As a result, 25 species of 19 genera of 11 families in Arthoniomycetes, Eurotiomycetes and Lecanoromycetes were recognized. Agonimiella pacifica H.Harada and Verrucaria muralis Ach. were new to Kinki District, and Enterographa divergens( Müll. Arg.) Redinger, Hypotrachyna pseudosinuosa( Asah.) Hale and Pyxine subcinerea Stirt. were the first record in Osaka Prefecture.

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