Departmental Bulletin Paper 岸和田市久米田池で大阪府新産となるリュウノヒゲモStuckenia pectinataを確認

首藤, 光大郎  ,  横川, 昌史  ,  志賀, 隆

Stuckenia pectinata( Potamogetonaceae) was newly recorded in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. We collected the species from the Kumeda-ike pond in Kishiwada-shi, in September 2017. The species was widely distributed in the southern part of the pond, and densely occurred on the southern shore. Although the number of individuals is unknown because the species is a clonal aquatic plant, it is probable that the population has an enormous amount of biomass. In the late 1980s, the disappearance of aquatic macrophytes of this pond was reported. Therefore, the S. pectinata population might have been established by waterfowl zoochory after the 1990s, when the last examination was conducted.

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