Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本産トウヒ属Picea樹上に形成される カサアブラムシ(半翅目)の虫えい形態

初宿, 成彦

Thirteen sorts of galls are formed by 8 adelgid species on the 6 species of Picea which are native to Japan. Gall morphology is varied, and multiple species of adelgids can form galls on one Picea tree species.Conversely, one species of adelgid can form galls on multiple Picea tree species. The identification of Picea is simplified when using the morphology of adelgid galls rather than using traditional methods such as the analysis of twigs, leaves, and cones. This technique may also help the identification of Picea species in fossil studies. Morphology of the opened and dried galls for each adelgid species is described, and the distributions of host and adelgid species are presented. A key to the galls is also provided.

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