Departmental Bulletin Paper 中学人日本語学習者と日本語母語話者の接触場面における話題転換 その(2) : 友人関係の下で中国人日本語学習者による話題転換に着目して
The Structure of Topical Transitions in Conversation : An Analysis of the Data Collected from the Interactions between Japanese and Chinese Participants on Friendly Terms

許, 家瑶

(17)  , pp.79 - 89 , 2017-03-31 , 平安女学院大学
The aim of this paper is to specify differences in the way Chinese and Japanese participants shift topics when they interact with each other in the Japanese language. The data consist of three 20-minute spontaneous Japanese conversations recorded in Japan. The analysis focused upon topicshifting patters and topic-shifting strategies observed in the data. The result does not show the topicshifting patterns as have been discussed in other research articles dealing with the same subject. From the perspectives of interactional analysis, we might be able to conclude that Chinese participants tend to change topics when they want to without giving any signals to their addressees.

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