Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国人学生が書いた「留学志望書」から見た中国式考え方 : 厦門大学嘉庚学院日本語学部の学生を分析対象として
Chinese thinking which been showed in the Chinese students' article "Application for study abroad" : Take Xiamen University Tan KahKee College Japanese language students as the object of the research

鄢, 玲

(17)  , pp.70 - 78 , 2017-03-31 , 平安女学院大学
 Take Xiamen University Tan KahKee College Japanese language students’ article“Application forstudy abroad”as the object of the research, to carry on the investigation about the Chinese expression,and we analysis the reasons for the expression style. We got below reasons: first, in the reason for thestudy abroad, allstudents always use the expression sucn as “I can be … by study abroad”, we do aquestionnaire survey, then we find that it is not only because of the differencebetween the Chineseand Japanese language expression, but also because about 20% of the students have a groundlessbeautiful illusion for study abroad. And the second, in the plan for the study abroad, most of thestudents only show the willing to hard study, but no Substantive plan. This phenomenon is due to avariety of reasons, such as society circumstance of loving yelling slogans, Chinese conditionsaboutslogans and practice always falling apart, education model of students’ loving use beautifulwords and sentences which from the very beginning study.

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