Departmental Bulletin Paper 楽器作りから見えてくるもの : パンフルートづくりの実践を通して
What We Can Find by Making Musical Instruments : Through the Lectures of Making Pan Flutes

松園, 洋二

(17)  , pp.40 - 58 , 2017-03-31 , 平安女学院大学
A musical instrument was originally closely connected with people's life, culture, and environment. But in the current music education, I suspect that the primary relationship between mankind and musical intruments, or music is getting lost. It is thought that making musical instruments by ourselves and playing them is an activity in whic we can return to the starting point of music.There fore in this paper, I tried to reveal what we could find by making musical instruments, through the lectures of makin pan flutes at "Kodomo-Kyoshitsu", at the teaching certificate renewal course and at Kyoto Seika Girls' High School. As a result of investigationn by questionnaires and their descriptions., it was shown that making musical instruments had extremely diverse educational significance.Also, making close relations with other subjects, such as mathematics, science, social studies, drawing and crats, making musical instruments can be an integrated study.

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