Departmental Bulletin Paper 教員の資質考 : 子どもたちの現状から、課題にこたえる教員の資質を考える
Consideration of Teacher's Quality for Dealing with Children's Present Situation

服部, 建

(17)  , pp.32 - 39 , 2017-03-31 , 平安女学院大学
Nowadays teachers' duties increase more and more responding to children's changes, their protectors' attitude, and demand on education that changes with the times. On the oter hand, the number of teachers who are still young and do noto have enough experiences has increased for a long time. Besides teaching subjects, there are overflowing issues such as "bullying", "refusal to attend school", "special support education", "duties to deal with protectors and local community demand", "consisency in education from elementary school through middle school", "linkage between preschool and elementary school", and "safety education". In this paper, by making children's real image clear, some of the problems are considered from an ex-principal's point of view in order to determine teacher's readiness and perspective in educational guidance. The paper consists of the following four sections:1) real images of teachers, 2) a theory of pride. 3) measures applied to deal with children who needs special cares, and 4) problems of isolation.

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