Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校音楽科における歌唱指導の研究 : 子どもが主体的に表現を工夫するために
A Study in Choral teaching in Music Education at Elementary School : For Children to Subjectively Develop Their Own Expressions

水野, 裕子

(1)  , pp.25 - 34 , 2017-03-31 , 平安女学院大学子ども教育学部
 本研究は、小学校音楽科の授業において、子どもたちが主体的に表現を工夫し、思いや意図をもってうたい、達成感を味わうことができる歌唱指導の具体的な抱負を導き出すことを目的として、研究授業を行い、その結果を検証したものである。それぞれの子どもの自己満足に終わらず、聴く人に伝わることを目指した。表現の工夫が聴く人に伝わったかどうかは、グループごとのアンサンブルを評価しあうことで確認した。また、ワークシートの記入や拡大楽譜への書き込みをおこなうことによって、より主体的に表現を工夫することができるようにした。 授業の過程で大切にしたことは、個からグループ、グループからクラスへと表現の工夫についての話し合いを進めながら、クラス合唱を作り上げていくことである。 研究授業の結果、子どもたちが自ら歌詞の内容や曲想にふさわしい表現を工夫して歌い、聴く人にその工夫が伝わり、クラスで表現の工夫を共有できた喜びを味わい、大きな達成感を売ることができたということが、子どもたちのワークシートや参観者のアンケートから裏付けられた。
In this study, the writer aims toderive a concrete method for choral education that encourages children to subjectively develop their own expression, sing with emotion and intention, and attain a sense of accomplishment. This study reports on research lessons that were conducted for music class at elementary school and also submits the writer's verification of the obtained results.Throughout the research lessons, the writer took care that children did not fall into mere complacency, that the children devised expressions that reached their audience, and that the children developed their own expressions based on the meaning of the lyrics, the movement of the melody, and the structure of the musical piece. To confirm wheter the particulary devised and appraising other groups. Worksheets and enlarage music scores were used as a means to encourage the children to focus on their subjective expressions. During the research lessons, the writer took care to build the class choir by encouraging dialogue, at first at individual level, and then at group level, and at classroom level. The findings derived from the worksheets filled in by the children and the questionnaire answered by the visitors on school open day were that the research lessons had succeeded in encouraging the children to devise their own expressions based on the theme and content of the song: that these expressions had reached the audience: that the children had enjoyed sharing their work in developing musical expressions: and that the children had been able to attain a great sense of accomplishment.

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