Departmental Bulletin Paper 平安女学院における観光ホスピタリティ教育の成立史をめぐる研究
The Research on Historical Background of Tourism and Hospitality Education in Heian Jyogakuin University
ヘイアンジョガクイン ニ オケル カンコウ ホスピタリティ キョウイク ノ セイリツシ オ メグル ケンキュウ

永田, 美江子  ,  Mieko, NAGATA  ,  平安女学院大学国際観光学部

The department of tourism and hospitality management has been founded in many colleges.Especially most of women's colleges have established these courses so as to make students get employment in tourism industries. However, these researches and educational methods related to women's education are still in progress. This paper insists on new possibilities for the development of tourism and hospitality courses in contemporary women's education on undergraduate level. These educational systems could be expanded to respond to diverse needs from tourism industries. Thepaper also focuses on the historical background of women's education related to tourism and hospitality. The paper discusses three main issues. First, it demonstrates the process of the establishment of atourism department at Heian Jyogakuin University and explains its present status. Second, it refers to the philosophy of girls' Christian universities in Japan and its encouragement to make girls goodwives and wise mothers. Third, it demonstrates how Heian Jyogakuin University shifted its gears from making a good wife and wise mother into English and secretarial education and tourism and hospitality education. Finally the paper concludes that the education to make a good wife and wisemother was the starting point of tourism and hospitality education.

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