Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本語教育におけるコースデザイン論の展開とその課題
Development of Course Design Theory in Japanese Education and Its Issues

古川, 嘉子

Course design theory in Japanese language education was introduced based on that in the English education in the 1980’s. According to policy documents and related researches since then, it has been widely shared by Japanese teachers, and has been shared as a framework for planning, grasping and improving educational practices even now. However, there are some problems in the course design theory in Japanese language education comparing with English education, such that a clear process model of the setting objectives has not presented yet, and that the scope of the educational content has not sufficiently based on views of social activities and education with a view to human development. For considering realizing the sound policy planning or educational practice that corresponding social demands of Japanese language education and conducting appropriate teacher education such as teacher training courses, there is a need to review the framework of the concept of course design and examining the relationship between related concepts to course design.

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