Departmental Bulletin Paper 幼児期の人間関係形成過程に関する一考察-「巣と群れ」という視点から-
A Study about the Process in the Formation of Human Relations in the Infancy: From the Viewpoint, " the Gathering Group and the Nest "

柴田, 長生

The child achieves growth and ripeness as the individual. And on the one hand, in the babyhood, attachment n is formed, in the infancy, a basic interpersonal relationship is formed and a secure base is formed, in the later childhood, mutual sympathy relation is formed by it and the others.(= A behavior system) And on the other, in the babyhood, the outside world is formed, in the infancy, a playmate is formed, in the later childhood, since then, a relationship aggregation, a belonging group, a reference group are formed.(= B behavior system)If it calls A behavior system " the Nest " and it calls B behavior system , " the Gathering group " , human relations is formed by the round-trip of "the Gathering group and the Nest ". In this research, it considers the future research about the human research of the infant from the viewpoint of " the Gathering group and the Nest ". It reviews all together the evaluation result and the considering result of the group participation ability of the preschooler by the child care man which the author did. And it got the following knowledge. The 1st stage (1:6 - 2:6): The infant aims at the outside group indiscriminately. As for the action of the infant, the synchronic behavior is predominant. The 2nd stage(3:6 - 4:3): The infant aims at " the Gathering group " as the pal. The 3rd stage(5:6 - 6:3): The infant lives in the brotherhood in " the Gathering group ".

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