Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校教員養成課程において「子どもへの対応」に関する方法と技能を修得させることを目指した講義内容と講義方法の提案

大前, 暁政  ,  Akimasa, OMAE  ,  京都文教大学臨床心理学部教育福祉心理学科  ,  Kyoto Bunkyo University Department of Psychology for Child Education and Community Faculty of Clinical Psychology

It is necessary for first-year elementary school teachers to possess the requisite knowledge and skills to impart guidance to students, and thereby effectively manage classes. However, a questionnaire survey administered to teachers revealed that many of them faced various problems regarding student guidance. The questionnaire results indicated that it is necessary to provide teachers with the requisite knowledge and skills in this respect in teacher education courses, to enable them to effectively manage classes. The results also revealed details of the methodology preferred by teachers and university lecturers, and the skills required by them. The teacher education course must provide knowledge related to psychology, special support education, and social support for student guidance. A course allowing teachers to learn "methodology" and "skills," and allowing them to practice these, in addition to gaining theoretical knowledge, is essential to foster leadership in this area at universities. The lecture contents and methods of delivering the lectures were also identified in this study through the analysis of 15 lectures, to improve ways to impart skills to students.

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