Departmental Bulletin Paper スクールカウンセリングにおける箱庭の利用 -母親と子ども、子どもと学校がつながるために-
Using Sandplay Therapy in School Counseling: For Building Connections between Mother and Child and between Child and School   

島田, 香  ,  Kaori, SHIMADA  ,  京都文教大学臨床心理学部  ,  Kyoto Bunkyo University

6pp.33 - 44 , 2016-03-31
There are often various constraints in conducting school counseling. The study discusses the possibility that counseling under such constraints could still result in effective support, drawing the example of a girl who refused to go to school. The discussion centers on the improved mother-child interaction after using sandplay therapy with the mother attending the session, but also includes other factors that helped the child start to go to school, such as conducting the session at the junior high school and allowing the child to bring her own miniature objects from her home. Through these examinations, the study demonstrated the importance of the efforts of school counselors to build an environment inside the school in which they can flexibly operate with various ideas based on their instinct.

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